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Články autora

19.04.2022 MIDNIGHT OIL Resist
07.03.2022 MARK LANEGAN Blues Funeral
15.02.2022 10 MINUTE WARNING This Could Be Heaven/ The Lost 1984 Rec.
28.12.2021 SCREAMING TREES Sweet Oblivion
10.11.2021 MARK LANEGAN Bubblegum
12.10.2021 MELVINS Working With God
22.09.2021 AMY WINEHOUSE Back To Black
23.08.2021 TRULY Fast Stories...From Kid Coma
29.07.2021 ALL THEM WITCHES Nothing As The Ideal
29.06.2021 ALGIERS The Underside Of Power
03.06.2021 ALGIERS Algiers
13.05.2021 TEMPLE OF THE DOG Temple Of The Dog
20.04.2021 MARK LANEGAN Whiskey For The Holy Ghost
03.04.2021 MARK LANEGAN The Winding Sheet