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28.06.2017 MUNICIPAL WASTE Slime And Punishment
26.06.2017 INSANIA Na počátku byl spam
23.06.2017 PARADISE LOST Symbol Of Life
22.06.2017 PARADISE LOST Believe In Nothing
20.06.2017 DANZIG Black Laden Crown
19.06.2017 ADRENALINE MOB We The People
16.06.2017 VALLENFYRE Fear Those Who Fear Him
14.06.2017 GREAT WHITE Full Circle
13.06.2017 DRAGONFORCE Reaching Into Infinity
12.06.2017 ANATHEMA The Optimist
08.06.2017 PARADISE LOST Host
06.06.2017 PARADISE LOST One Second
05.06.2017 PARADISE LOST Draconian Times
03.06.2017 PARADISE LOST Icon
29.05.2017 PARADISE LOST Shades Of God
28.05.2017 PARADISE LOST Gothic
20.05.2017 CHRIS CORNELL Euphoria Morning
18.05.2017 KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Prevail I
16.05.2017 WARRANT Louder Harder Faster